Friday, January 30, 2009

25 random things about me

Don't worry. I'm not about to reveal my favorite color or ideal vacation. If you have a Facebook account, you've probably slogged through dozens of "25 Random Things" lists already. This week personal trivia lists are all the rage, and mildly amusing, much like the handwritten quizzes my high school classmate Nancy and I would create for each other to fill out during chemistry class*:

"True or False (circle one): Mark Fitzgerald is a babe."**

A 25 Random Things list is what happens when adolescent navel-gazing meets the Internet chain letter. Someone on Facebook sends his or her list to 25 friends, instructing each recipient to compile his or her own and send it to 25 more Facebook friends. At this point there have got to be millions of arcane personal trivia lists zinging between people who hardly know each other. In the past three days alone I have read tales of nude hiking, Botox injections and bizarre food aversions.

And though I'm an utter spoilsport—the one who'll take those cheery mass e-mails people send, the ones that feature animated clip art of angels, folksy stories about the value of girlfriends, and the command to forward this to everyone you've ever met or they'll never have good luck again, and gleefully delete them, luck be dammed—at some point I caved to the pressure and did my own 25 Random Things list. As if, in addition to my Facebook page, my website*** and this blog****, anyone wants to hear any more from me.

But now I'm hooked. I want to read more random things from random people. So please keep sending me your lists, Facebook friends. As for everybody else, please put some random trivia down in a comment here.


*Now, I would like to slap my teenage self for not paying attention in chemistry.

**Mark Fitzgerald is a made-up name. No way am I revealing my high school crush on the Internet.

***I set up the website at the insistence of my book publicist, who says these days every author needs one.

***Ditto this blog.

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